NEW L&O ISSUE POSTED tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes The latest issue of Limnology and Oceanography (Vol 45, Issue 8, 2000) is now posted.

AQUATIC SCIENCES 2001 MEETING tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes The Aquatic Sciences 2001 Meeting scheduled for February 12-16, 2001 in Albuquerque, New Mexico is rapidly approaching, but there is still time to register in advance for a reduced fee. The theme of the meeting is "Making Connections in the 21st Century", and we are expecting a very large attendance. The meeting is structured to facilitate both professional and personal connections. The scientific program focuses explicitly on connections among environments, disciplines, scales, and between science and society. Poster sessions, receptions, breaks, and hospitality rooms will provide ample opportunity to make professional connections in a social setting. <Click here for more information.

LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY CD-ROM ARCHIVE tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes The Limnology and Oceanography CD Archive is now entering production and will be available shortly. The Archive contains the entire contents of ASLO's research journal Limnology and Oceanography, from the first issue in January 1956, through the end of Volume 43 in 1998. The introductory price is $150 for members, $350 for non-members, and $550 for libraries and institutions.

For more information about the CD Archive, click here.

AQUATIC SCIENCES DATABASE tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes The Aquatic Sciences Database is separate from the membership directory published biannually by ASLO. It is intended to facilitate interactions within the Aquatic Sciences community by allowing individuals to search and locate others working in similar areas. Participation is entirely voluntary. Participants may submit summaries of their interests, research and activities to the Database, and can update their own record at any time. To learn more, click here.

Note: This is a new service and the database is starting out empty. Searches will become increasingly productive as more individuals submit information. Please participate!

NEW ONLINE MEMBERSHIP SERVICES tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes The ASLO Business Office is now accepting new memberships and membership renewals online. In addition, members may update their own address, contact and other information online. For instructions and online forms, please click here.

NEW BULLETIN ISSUE POSTED tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes The latest issue of the ASLO Bulletin (Vol. 9, Issue 2) has just been posted. This issue will only appear in electronic format (PDF, 600KB). Click here to download and read the Bulletin (a new browser window will open).

CAREER LINK PROGRAM tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes The Career Link Program is offered as a new, free service to students seeking to contact potential graduate and post-graduate supervisors, mentors and employers. The Program is administered by ASLO's Student Representatives. Students may post contact information and a brief summary of their background, qualifications and interests on the Career Link Page. The information will be removed after six months. Potential employers and supervisors are encouraged to contact students directly.

New postings should be submitted through the online form. To review current postings, visit the Career Link Page.

MIRROR SERVER tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes A mirror server is now available for the ASLO website. It contains a duplicate copy of the ASLO website, updated every three hours. Interactive forms on the mirror server will accept submitted information and pass it to the main server for processing. The mirror site is located in New York and may offer quicker access for some (the main server is located in Texas). Go to and bookmark the page if you sometimes encounter slow connections to the main server.

ROOMMATE WANTED? tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes If you are planning on attending the upcoming Aquatic Sciences Meeting in February, 2001, and are seeking a roommate, please sign up on the Roommates Wanted Page. This service is administered by your Student Representatives and will be offered for each ASLO meeting.

NEW L&O ISSUE POSTED tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes The latest issue of Limnology and Oceanography (Vol 45, Issue 6, 2000) is now posted.

DIALOG PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes The DIALOG (Dissertation Initiative for the Advancement of Limnology and Oceanography) program is now in its fourth generation, with the DIALOG IV Symposium scheduled for October 14 - 19, 2001. The DIALOG IV symposium is open to individuals who complete their Ph.D. requirements between April 1, 1999 and December 31, 2000 and whose work in biological, chemical, geological, or physical science is relevant to biologically oriented limnology or oceanography. Sue Weiler, DIALOG Program Director, has provided highlights of the DIALOG program, including photos, as a PDF document available in the menu under the heading "DIALOG Program/Program Highlights".

ENHANCED WEBSITE SEARCHES tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes The search engine on the ASLO website has been upgraded and now includes PDF files. Thus, you can search for information contained within articles in Limnology and Oceanography. Please note that you must be a current subscriber to view PDF files within the restricted (subscription) area of the website. Select "Search" on the site menu to experiment with the new upgraded search engine.