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COPENHAGEN 2000 tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes The ASLO 2000 Aquatic Sciences Meeting is scheduled for June 5 - 9, 2000 in Copenhagen. The theme of the meeting is AQUATIC SCIENCES: RESEARCH ACROSS BOUNDARIES. Click here for further information.

OCEAN SCIENCES MEETING 2000 tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes The 10th Ocean Sciences Meeting, co-sponsored by the American Geophysical Union and ASLO, is scheduled for January 24-28, 2000, in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio was the site of the first Ocean Sciences meeting in 1982. Click here for further information.

NEW L&O SERVICES tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes We are pleased to announce several new member services from Limnology and Oceanography. These include: advance notice by email of the contents of upcoming issues; online publication of L&O, beginning with the January 1999 issue; Featured Articles that will be published online in advance of the printed copy; and online discussion groups. See the Limnology and Oceanography Website for more information.

BULLETIN GOES ONLINE tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes Beginning with the March 1999 issue, the ASLO Bulletin is now published online as well as being delivered to your mailbox. If you would like to be notified by email when the latest issue of the Bulletin is posted online, subscribe to the Bulletin Mailing List. Online issues will be archived and can be read at any time. We are also converting past issues into electronic format and adding these to the Bulletin Archives as they become available. Instructions and more information are available here.

SANTA FE 99 UPDATES tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes Have you published work presented at the 1999 ASLO Meeting in Santa Fe? Let people know on the Meeting Abstracts Update Board.

PHOTOGRAPHS tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes Several members have suggested that photographs of oceanographers and limnologists at work would provide a valuable teaching tool. We would like to construct a library of freely downloadable images on the ASLO Website, and occasionally feature selections from the image library on this welcome page. If you have a favorite photograph that you could contribute, in either printed or scanned-image form, please contact the Web Editor.

NEW WEBSITE DESIGN tri-blue.gif - 202 Bytes The familiar sections of the original ASLO website have been converted to operate within this new environment. We invite you to explore and familiarize yourself with the new online look of ASLO.

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