American Society of
Limnology and Oceanography

The purposes of ASLO are to promote the interests of limnology, oceanography and related sciences, to foster the exchange of information across the range of aquatic science, and to further investigations dealing with these subjects. With more than 3,800 members worldwide, ASLO is best known for its interdisciplinary meetings, its special symposia, and its journal, Limnology and Oceanography (L&O). Further information on L&O, including Tables of Contents, can be found on the Limnology and Oceanography Home Page.

ASLO Contacts: (note: please include your email return address in all correspondence)

     Thomas C. Malone, ASLO President

     General ASLO information and Bulletin Submissions:
     C. Susan Weiler, Executive Director

     ASLO meeting information:
     Asit Mazumder, ASLO Secretary

     ASLO membership, address changes, Limnology and Oceanography missing, single and back issues:
     ASLO Business Office

     Limnology and Oceanography Editor-in-Chief:
     Everett Fee

     ASLO and Limnology and Oceanography Web page Editor :
     Paul F. Kemp

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